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  • Introduction
  •   CMOC Mine Company is a large modern mine enterprise engaging in open-pit molybdenum-tungsten mining and a "Comprehensive Utilization Demonstration Base of Molybdenum, Tungsten and Iron Resources in Luanchuan, Henan Province", which is jointly confirmed by Ministry of Land and Resources and Ministry of Finance. The company, founded in August 1988, goes through underground mining, integrated underground and open-pit mining and open-pit mining stages, and its open-pit mining capacity was up to 30000t/day in June 2006. Currently, it has 690 employees, including over 100 technicians in geological, mining, measuring, electrical and mechanical and other disciplines. With abundant technical strength and advanced equipment, it has over 100 advanced domestic equipment for large punching, shovel loading, transportation and ore crushing. Its original value of fix assets is up to 1.44 billion yuan and net value is 419 million yuan as off the end of July 2020.

      As an extra-large associated molybdenum-tungsten ore deposit, Sandaozhuang mining area under exploitation is a part of Luanchuan molybdenum mine, one of the three largest molybdenum mines in the world, and the second largest scheelite deposit in China. Area of the mining area is 2.51km2 and the mine body is thick, large and concentrated, with length along strike over 1420m and that along trend over 1120m. Open-pit stope is 2350m long and 1385m wide, production step is 12m high and the final combination is 24m. It adopts rotary drilling rig for punching, electric shovel for shovel loading and automobile transportation step type stripping process; automobile, drop shaft, belt development and transportation method.

      To improve its scientific and technical innovation capability, Mine Company insists in the integrated industry-university-research road and cooperates with relevant colleges and universities and scientific research units to implement "Research on Safe Mining and Disaster Control Technology of Potential Hazard Metal Mineral Resources", "Research on Key Technology of Reinforced Open-pit Mining under Large Multi-layer High-risk Underground Vacant Area Condition" "Research on Optimizing Open-pit Mining Boundary and Integrated Molybdenum-tungsten Industrial Index" and "Technical Process of Vacant Area Treatment and Residual Ore Recycling" projects, which are awarded with the second prize (one) of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize (one) and the second prize (two) of Provincial (Ministerial) Science and Technology Progress Award successively. It possesses over 20 invention and utility model patents with independent intellectual property rights. "Integrated digital mining production management system for open-pit mines" (cooperative research and development) realizes real-time control of ore quality, lowers target grade fluctuation range of raw ore from 15.82% to 4.35% and increases operation efficiency by 13.8%. The overall technology is up to advanced global level and the optimized ore blending management system is up to international leading level. Implemented smart mining construction realizes unmanned efficient operation for punching, shovel loading and transportation, fills in the gap in the field in China, changes traditional manual operation mode and improves automatic and intelligent level of mining equipment. Pure electric unmanned truck for mines starts the new intelligent driving mode successfully and realizes zero emission completely. The project is awarded by China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association as the first prize of 2019 Innovative Achievement. 5G technology realizes formation and operation of unmanned electro-mobile and remote control of excavator are realized and intelligent system realizes accurate control under cloud server through upgrading. According to real-time status of current loading, transportation and unloading, brand new truck scheduling system carries out intelligent scheduling and takes ore blending plan as reference to ensure balanced ore blending grade and improve operation efficiency.

      Mine Company takes environmental protection, geological disaster control and integrated development as its key work unremittingly over the years. Engineering control and vegetation recovery are conducted for closed slag discharge yard and both sides of roads to realize the target of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, resource development and coordinated environmental development, with accumulated green up to 2118000m2. It is awarded by Organization Committee of China Ecological and Moderate Prosperity Forum and Ministry of Land and Resources as "China Ecological and Moderate Prosperity Demonstration Base", "National Green Mine Pilot Unit" and other honorary titles.


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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