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  • Introduction
  •   Founded in September 1971, Smelting Company (subordinated to CMOC) has annual output of 36,600t molybdenum oxide, 27,000t ferro-molybdenum and 36,000t sulfuric acid. The company adheres to the idea of scientific and technical innovation, passionate in job and striving for excellence, and obtains honors in safety and environmental protection several times. The company mainly has such three production lines as molybdenum oxide roasting, ferro-molybdenum smelting and fume acid making.

      The company independently researches and develops equipment and process of rotary kiln carbon-free roasting and fine molybdenum ore, roasting fume acid making, self-heating roasting of fine molybdenum ore and other innovative projects. These projects reduce coal consumption of molybdenum oxide roasting from 400kg to 0 per ton and set foot on green smelting road of carbon-free roasting, environmental protection and energy saving. Meanwhile, "self-heating roasting method and device of fine molybdenum ore" is awarded with the first prize of Science and Technology Progress by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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