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elite management, cost control, continuous improvement and achievement sharing
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Luanchuan County Sanqiang Molybdenum-tungsten Co., Ltd.

  • Introduction
  •   As a privately-owned enterprise, Luanchuan County Sanqiang Molybdenum-tungsten Co., Ltd., a holding company of CMOC, is mainly a molybdenum-dominated mineral separation enterprise, accompanied by flotation of fine iron and copper ore. Luanchuan County Sanqiang Molybdenum-tungsten Co., Ltd. controls Luanchuan County Zhonghe Metallurgy Furnace Charge Co., Ltd., which is also subordinated to CMOC. Except for separate finance accounting, they have the same set of management system. Covering 205,000m2 lands, the company, located in Longwangmiao Village, Lengshui Town, Luanchuan County, has 560 million fixed assets and 260 employees. The company has 7,700t/day (including Sanqiang 2,700t/day and Zhonghe 5,000t/day) of design production scale of mineral separation, processes 9,000t ore on a daily basis and produces 6,200t quality fine molybdenum ore and 1,500t fine copper ore annually. The company has three workshops (Ore Crushing Workshop, Mineral Separation Workshop and Utility Tailings Discharge Workshop) and five departments (Comprehensive Office, Safety and Environmental Protection Department, Production Equipment Department, Finance Department and Quality and Technology Department). With advanced production process and excellent equipment, the company has complete test methods, accurate data and excellent product quality. "Minghua" fine molybdenum ore enjoys high reputation.

      The company organizes production elaborately, with abundant economic strength as its support, advanced technical strength as its guidance and scientific management system as its policy. While improving production technology level constantly, the company focuses on safe production and environmental protection carefully to realize its sustainable development. And its Shuilugou tailings pond bears tailings conveying, discharge and damming work of four units such as CMOC Mineral Separation Company I and CMOC Tungsten Mineral Separation Company I. The tailings pond was founded in February 2011 and put into operation officially in April 2013. With Class II design rating, the tailings pond has 12065×104m3 total storage capacity and 11220×104m3 effective storage capacity.

      The company practices the development concept of "Lucid water and lush mountain are invaluable assets" and enhances ecological protection and pollution prevention and control. Adhering to the principle of "saving first and pollution control oriented" and taking building environment friendly and resource saving enterprise as its target and "recycling, reduction and harmless" processing is a key, the company spares no effort to promote energy saving and emission reduction work, concentrates and put manpower, material resource and financial resource in tailings waste water recycling and control works, and realizes win-win target of pollution control and waste water recycling, truly up to zero discharge of waste water. To further ensure safety and stability of tailings pond, national safety standards shall be strictly followed for tailings pond, the safety responsibility system shall be implemented, multiple measures shall be taken simultaneously, and online safety detection system shall be implemented for the tailings pond to monitor dam phreatic line, displacement, water level, precipitation and dry beach length in time, realizing 24h transmission, monitor and alarm function of online detected data and providing powerful guarantee for safe and environmental protection operation of the tailings pond.

      In recent years, Sanqiang Company seizes opportunity, seeks development, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "rigorous, practical, efficient and innovative", and complies with the operational idea of "elite management, cost control, continuous improvement and achievement sharing". It promotes various work steadily, completes annual production and operation plan smoothly, and improves its survival capability and core competitiveness comprehensively through paying close attention to internal management, setting up good image externally, making concerted effort, uniting and working hard, facing the difficulty and forging ahead with determination. The company shows sustainable, healthy and stable development tendency and realizes steady growth of economic and social benefits.

      Guided by Luanchuan strategic target of "brand the country through ecology, enrich the country through tourism and strengthen the country through industry" and supported by CMOC, the company will grip opportunity of each party, rely on scientific and technical progress, depend on resource advantage, optimize internal management, improve scientific and technical content, remain true to the original aspiration, keep mission in the minds, overcome difficulties and strive ahead to complete the annual production and operation target and task comprehensively. It will make contributions to development of CMOC and economic development of Luanchuan County!


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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