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Luanchuan County Jiuyang Mining Co., Ltd.

  • Introduction

      8km away from Sandaozhuang tungsten-molybdenum ore, Luanchuan County Jiuyang Mining Co., Ltd. locates in Chitudian Village, Chitudian Town, 9km away from north of Luanchuan County. Located in Funiu Mountain hinderland with obvious mountain land feature, it borders with Daqinggou on the east, Lengshui Town on the west, Chengguan on the south and Shizimiao on the north. With altitude elevation between 880m and 920m, the region features pointed peak, narrow ridge, steeper north slope and moderate south slope. With distinctive climates in four seasons, it has green mountains in spring and summer, fruitful branches in autumn and snow coverage in winter. 24km long Beigouhe River flows to Yihe River from north to south to confine Jiuyang Company to the west bank and accomplishes 33 years entrepreneurial journey of hardworking and development of Jiuyang Company.

      Luanchuan County Jiuyang Mining Co., Ltd., a holding enterprise of CMOC, belongs to joint venture system of state-owned and private enterprise. Covering 26,800m2 of land, Jiuyang Company was founded in 1987, put into production in 1988 and engaged mainly in fine molybdenum ore separation over thirty years from March 1988 to May 2018. The company suspended production temporarily in May 2018 and its fine molybdenum ore separation project was declared to finish due to expired service life of its tailings pond.

      One year after its production suspension, Jiuyang Company invested over 2.4 million yuan in lime powder processing in June 2019 to seek survival roads for employees on vacations and waiting for job assignment, make the enterprise develop sustainably, create further social value and fulfil its social duty better. The project processes 8-10t lime lump hourly, daily production time is around 10h, processed lime powder fineness is 200 mesh, screening rate is above 70% and calcium oxide content is above 70%. Its lime powder is mainly for purifying water quality of mineral separation plant subordinated to CMOC.

      Mechanical equipment of Jiuyang Company lime powder processing system features standard installation, advanced process and convenient operation. With excellent performance, hammer crushing machine, spiral conveyor, European pulverizer, Roots blower, pulse dust collector and supporting equipment not only save energy and reduce consumption but also meet operational requirements of environmental protection enterprise. It is a powder processing workshop integrating environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

      With sound party and mass, discipline inspection and supervision organization, Jiuyang Company has 115 employees, 3 functional departments, 1 main workshop and 2 operation teams currently. With information management, the office system is configured with inner and outer network monitor systems to make organization regular and operation in order, featuring higher overall and operation quality.

      Address: Chitudian Village, Chitudian Town, Luanchuan County



North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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