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Luanchuan County Dadongpo Tungsten-molybdenum Co., Ltd.

  • Introduction
  •   Luanchuan County Dadongpo Tungsten-molybdenum Co., Ltd., a molybdenum-tungsten separation enterprise, locates in Qinghetang Village, Chitudian Town, Luanchuan County, about 15km from the northwest of Luanchuan County. Covering 34,000m2 land in total, the company, founded in May 1983, was a former collectively-owned enterprise of the town. It was changed from the former collectively-owned enterprise of the town to privately-owned joint-stock enterprise in May 2003. It was held by CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD. in accordance with the enterprise restructuring spirit of "Three-change and four-constant" of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to effectively integrate Luanchuan molybdenum advantage and set foot on sustainable development road in December 2005. According to enterprise development requirement, new tungsten separation production line was added on the basis of original molybdenum separation in 2018 to become the only simultaneous molybdenum-tungsten separation enterprise of CMOC.

      The company has 277 employees, 4 production workshops (including scheelite production process) and 4 functional departments. With 3,100t/d molybdenum production scale, ore that is provided by open-pit mines of CMOC is transported to the separation plant through automobiles; the production line mineral separation process is flotation process and products are fine molybdenum ore. The tungsten separation system mainly recycles scheelite in molybdenum separation tailings and tails of CMOC Beizhuang, Mogou and other tailings ponds, with daily processing up to about 3,000t and fine tungsten ore as its product. It can produce about 900t fine tungsten ore (converted to 100% modified fine tungsten powder) and about 1,000t fine molybdenum ore (converted to 47%).

      Over the years, the company achieves impressive performance in scale, benefit and social undertaking through following the sustainable development road and exploring internal potential deep, and receives high praise from the local government and those who are helped several times in terms of donation to assist teaching, Spring Buds Project, sunshine project, poverty alleviation, assisting the weak and disabled and other social and public welfare undertakings. The company has its style in the same industry in the county!


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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