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CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD. Tungsten Separation Company II

  • Introduction
  •   The company, located in Qinghetang Village, Chitudian Town, Luanchuan County, is a branch subordinated to CMOC and one of the three scheelite production lines of CMOC, with scheelite output accounting for about 55% of total scheelite output of Group Company. The company has 43,533m2 floor area and 14,618m2 building area.

      The company, founded in December 2008, mainly recycles low-grade scheelite in molybdenum separation tailings comprehensively. Currently, the company has 154 million yuan of fixed asset, 24,000t daily production capability and annual output of over 5,000t fine tungsten ore metal amount. Scheelite recycling has become a significant profit growth point of CMOC over the years due to its lower apportionment production cost.

      Currently, Tungsten Separation Company II has 326 employees, including over 70 people with junior college and above cultural extent and over 40 technicians. It has three production workshops (Coarse Separation Workshop, Fine Separation Workshop, Sand Water Workshop) and four service departments (Production Management Department, Safety and Environmental Protection Department, Comprehensive Office and Lab).

      Coarse separation workshop of our company mainly conducts the first step of scheelite recycling for molybdenum tailings of Mineral Separation Company III. Designed to four flotation series, flotation column is adopted as the main flotation equipment. Our company takes the lead in applying flotation column to scheelite flotation. Its main advantages include big processing capability, small land coverage, less investment, simple equipment repair and maintenance, low operation cost, easy to realize automatic control and other advantages. The coarse separation workshop uses sodium carbonate as regulator and saponification sodium as flotation agent. Grade of raw tungsten ore is about 0.090%, grade of coarse fine tungsten ore is 1.45% and coarse separation recycling rate can be up to 82%; fine separation carries out heating and reagent removal for coarse fine ore, and take optimized water glass as reagent remover to carry out further flotation for coarse fine scheelite ore. The final grade of fine scheelite can be over 30% and fine separation recycling rate can be up to 93%. The entire flotation system uses PLC automatic control system for flotation and drug feeding, featuring higher automation. Various technical indexes of scheelite with ultra-low grade are among the front rank in China.

      The fine separation section adopts "Petrov method" for scheelite heating and fine separation. The equipment adopts combined column-machine technology, including one fine coarse separation, two fine separations and three fine scavenging to get about 30% fine ore ultimately. Fine tungsten ore undergoes dehydration, drying, automatic blending, packaging and warehousing. Products of the company are applied mainly to ATP deep processing of Tungsten Company at downstream.


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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