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CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD. Mineral Separation Company III

  • Introduction
  •   Mineral Separation Company III, one of the main molybdenum-copper mineral separation companies subordinated to CMOC, has 611 employees currently, 4 production workshops (crushing, grinding and floatation, sand water and power) and 5 administrative departments. The existing production system was built in October 2006 and put into production on June 20, 2007. With 276 million yuan of fixed assets, it produces over 14,000 fine molybdenum ore and over 2,300 fine copper ore annually. Its specific production process is shown as follows:

      After coarse crushing below 300mm, ore of open-pit mining is conveyed to the ore crushing workshop through 2-level ore drawing drop shaft and belt. The ore crushing system adopts three-section-two-loop process, and medium and fine crushing adopts two-section-one-loop process. One medium crushing CH890C cone crushing machine, one fine crushing CH895 cone crushing machine and three DYKB3060-AT two-layer round vibrating screen constitute a loop. Ultra fine crushing is one-section-loop process. Two GM160-140 high pressure grinding rolls and two SSMS43100 single-layer micro sifters constitute a loop. Particle size of ore crushing product P89=5mm (5mm sieving rate around 89%). All ores are delivered by belt conveyor.

      Ore grinding adopts one-section-loop process, with 3 series in total. Series I & II are one 4.8*7.0m overflow type and one FX710-GT×5 cyclone constituting a loop; Series III is one 3.6×6.0m overflow type ball mill, one FX610-GT×4 cyclone and one ZKK2436 linear screen constituting a loop. Overflow concentration of the cyclone is between 38% and 44%, and overflow fineness between 57% and 63%.

      Molybdenum grading process includes one coarse separation, one pre-fine separation, three coarse scavenging, three fine separation, five fine scavenging and one scavenging fine separation. Coarse scavenging adopts two KYF-32 flotation machines, pre-fine separation adopts one KYF-24 and three XCF-24 flotation machines, scavenging adopts three KYF-320 flotation machines; the first fine separation adopts one φ3.0×12m flotation column, the second fine separation adopts one φ1.8×12m flotation column and the third fine separation adopts one φ1.5×12m flotation column. The first and second ore delivering loop regrinding; fine scavenging includes 5 operations, which adopt one φ4.0×6 flotation machine, four KYF-50 flotation machines and two KYF-8 flotation machines respectively. After being concentrated by the thickener, fine scavenging tailings of molybdenum separation undergoes copper recycling. Copper grading adopts one coarse separation, one coarse scavenging and four fine separation processes, using 10 BF-4 flotation machines in total. Grade of fine molybdenum ore is above 51% and that of fine copper ore is above 18%.

      After filter pressing, fine molybdenum ore is packed in ton bag. Byproduct fine copper ore is in bulk pile after filter pressing. The dehydration system of fine molybdenum ore fully uses residual heat energy of the air compressor. Final water and oil content of fine ore is less than or equal to ≤5%.

      Molybdenum-copper tailings enter scheelite flotation. The final tailings are delivered to tailings pond and clear return water enters production process for recycling after potential energy power generation.

      Coarse scavenging tailings and copper separation tailings enter the second coarse tungsten separation workshop for tungsten separation. Tungsten separation tailings are discharged to tailings dam through the reciprocating pump in the sand water workshop.

      In January 2016, Group leaders implement automatic control system of the full process in our company through looking far ahead to further improve mineral separation technical indexes and employees' operation environment and create digital separation plant. Adhering to the principle of "Simple, safe, advanced and reliable", the system covers process controls of ore conveying, crushing screening, ore grinding and flotation, drug adding, water supply and tailings discharge, filter pressing, power monitor and other processes:

      By bringing in online particle size analyzer from German SYMPATEC GmbH and online grade analyzer from Finland Outotec, concentration and fineness of ore grinding and useful mineral and harmful impurity content at crucial nodes are detected accurately in real time to avoid over-grinding and roughing effectively and improve ore grinding efficiency. It provides real-time data support for process adjustment and flotation control, guides site operation effectively, stabilizes product quality and improves mineral separation recycling rate.

      By cooperating with Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., online ore particle size monitor and online flotation foam analyzer are researched and developed to realize index monitor from source to end. Foam flow speed, color, size, direction and stability are monitored by the foam analyzer in real-time to adjust charging and level automatically to realize stabilize control of 320 m3 flotation machine and ensures stability of process and index. It also lays a foundation for optimizing process, realizing intelligent control and creating intelligent mine.

      With DCS system, it realizes:

      1. Remote operation and linkage control. While improving production efficiency, it lowers labor intensity, reduces employees' occupational hazard and realizes intrinsic safety.

      2. Process monitor, intelligent regulation and coordinated control guarantee stabilize process and improve recycling rate and product quality.

      3. Accurate control and index follow-up. The system carries out quantized accurate linkage control for drug feeding and process status to realize cost saving and index stabilizing.

      4. Remote monitor and overall control. Find various emergencies and potential hazards in time and react rapidly to ensure work safety.

      5. Trend analysis and index optimization: generate the trend chart automatically through automatic data collection and saving to provide reliable data support for process analysis. Realize rapid query and process optimization through production process database.

      The honor of "Intelligent workshop" awarded by Henan Province Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is an affirmation and motivation for our informatization work. Under the correct leadership, all cadres and employees of Mineral Separation Company III will continue the enterprise spirit of hardworking and enterprising and being practical and innovative to make due contributions for CMOC to be bigger and stronger.


North of Yihe, Huameishan Road, New Chengdong District, Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province 

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