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Quality Certification

Quality Certification

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Description:Quality management
Description:Quality management

  Quality management

  CMOC actively launches comprehensive quality management, carefully implements ISO9 000 Quality Management Standard, and establishes a whole process of quality management system from product development, production process control, product inspection and packaging to after-sales service to ensure "using no disqualified raw materials". Products follow "three checking" test system and disqualified products are not delivered to ensure smooth implementation of enterprise brand strategy, making "Minghua" series products sold well nationwide and become the most ideal brand in clients' minds. In 2002, tungsten and molybdenum series products are awarded by China Association for Technical Supervision Information as the brand with "excellent quality and trustworthy service" and awarded by Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce as the enterprise "observing contract and valuing credit".

  Environment management

  The company insists on developing economy without sacrificing environment, devotes actively to pollution prevention and control, protects ecological environment and implements sustainable development strategy.质量认证  

  On the one hand, it actively improves pollution removal facility, enhances comprehensive resource recycling, improves resource utilization rate, practices clean production and carries out pollution prevention and control of the whole process from raw material procurement, production process control to product delivery and utilization, realizing effective control and ordered circulation of industrial sewage and up-to-standard discharge.

  On the other hand, it improves environmental protection system, increases investment in environmental protection, and creates natural ecological environment beneficial for the society and employees' working and living, and provides all employees with effective promotion and training education to improve their environmental protection awareness.


  Occupational health and safety management

  CMOC consolidates and establishes the policy of "safety first and prevention dominated" and focuses on taking safety management as the largest welfare of employees all the time. It has been the priority of Group Company production to prevent occurrence of various accidents.

  Emphasize the effect of people in safety management, enhance safety training, improve operation skill, and strengthen necessity of safety and health awareness to realize participation of all staff, control of all processes and mutual supervision.

  Take scientific method and advanced technology and improve occupational health and safety performance in safety management constantly.

  Include safety management in company management system and form the safety management mode of "target control and closed loop management" to create good environment for healthy development of the company.

  Taking laws as criterion and regulations as code must be strictly followed by all employees; enhance occupational health and safety management constantly and provide employees with good work environment to reduce occurrence of occupational disease.


质量认证      质量认证      质量认证


质量认证      质量认证      质量认证

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