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After being approved by National Ministry of Metallurgy, CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD. (CMOC China) prepared to build a 50t/day small test molybdenum separation plant in Lengshui County, Luanchuan in August 1969. After over 50 years of development, CMOC China has become a complete industrial chain engaging mainly in molybdenum mining, molybdenum separation, tungsten separation, roasting, molybdenum chemistry and integrated upstream and downstream of molybdenum metal processing, with its production scale leading the same industry in China.

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    Founded in 1969


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    China's top 500 manufacturing industries


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    Top 30 in the world's mining industry


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    Obtained 280 national patents






Editor's note follows strategic deployment of central government, Henan Province and Luoyang City about energy saving and emission reduction work; CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD. insists on taking scientific outlook on development as guidance, follows the development concept of "Create grand molybdenum industry and construct green mine", takes clean production as the main line and scientific and technical progress as driving force, devotes to organic unification of enterprise development and social responsibility, establishes "resource saving and environment friendly" enterprise actively, strives to balance the relation between mineral resource development and utilization and environmental protection, gives maximum play to economic, social and environmental benefits of mineral resource, and realizes harmonious development between enterprise and nature and between human and nature, becoming a flag of molybdenum industry in China.



 After "feeding" a φ50mm molybdenum rod, φ6.2mm molybdenum wire comes out from the other end of the production line two to three minutes later.



It is reported that China Top Brand Products and World Top Brand Products Commendation Conference in China was held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the 11th.



  What is the most attractive one in Zhaoqing High-tech Industrial Zone is Asia Aluminum Factory Company Limited covering 10,000mu lands. As the largest domestic aluminum profile supplier confirmed by Ministry of Construction, AAG will be created to the largest aluminum product processing enterprise in the world.



Molybdenum Product

In China, Luoyang Molybdenum Industry's ferromolybdenum and molybdenum oxide production capacity is far ahead. Shangfanggou molybdenum iron ore owned by our joint venture company has abundant reserves of high grade molybdenum. The Donggobi molybdenum deposit in Hami City, Xinjiang, which is owned by our subsidiary company, is the first extra-large porphyry molybdenum deposit discovered in Xinjiang, which has the remarkable characteristics of large reserves, high grade, shallow burial and easy to open mining.

钼酸铵 钼酸铵1
Type:   a. Ammonium dimolybdate (NH4) 2Mo2O7.4H2O, dissolved in water and alkaline, applicable for producing molybdenum trioxide and molybdenum powder as well as molybdenum plate, wire and original part, applied widely to producing hydrogenation, desulfurization and other petroleum refining catalyst, fertilizer catalyst, etc.   
钼板 钼板1
 Profile: surface of semi-finished molybdenum plate shows silver gray or gray metal luster, density ≥9.6g/cm3.
钼精粉 钼精粉1
Profile: with even particle size, the product (gray powder) can pass through 160-mesh screen.
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  Type: industrial molybdenum oxide powder, industrial molybdenum oxide ball and high soluble industrial molybdenum oxide.   Profile: particle size of product is not greater than 1mm and specific gravity is not below 2.5g/cm3.   Package: iron bucket and woven bag. Net weight in bucket is 250kg; bucket lid has lead sealing and four buckets are fixed on one wooden tray; net weight in bag is 1,000kg. Your special requirement can be discussed and solved, if any.  

Tungsten Product

Sandaozhuang molybdenum and tungsten mine, wholly owned and operated by the Company, has the largest proven molybdenum reserves and the second largest proven tungsten reserves in China. The production cost of molybdenum and tungsten is low and highly competitive.

钨精粉 钨精粉
  Grade: FW1 FW2   Purpose: applied to produce tungsten product, contact alloy, high specific gravity alloy, rigid alloy, alloy additive, etc.   Implemented standard: impurity content meets GB3458-82 standard.
钨丝 钨丝
  Grade: WALI WAL2 W1 W2
钨杆 钨杆
  Grade:WAL1 WAL2 W1 W2
钨板 钨板
  Appearance: silver gray metal luster

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